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Theme 6: Participation and Commitment from Everyone

Education systems can integrate with local commmunities in a way that supports the abilities and interests of all people.

Theme 6: Participation and Commitment from Everyone

The term "community" is a powerful word and idea that is often used but rarely defined. It conjures images of people working together in progressively cooperative ways. People want to be part of a "community" to which they feel they belong. This is often the result of a common interest. Other times, community is defined geographically.

Our new world requires people to align with communities that are both local and global. Local could be a neighbourhood, town, city, rural region etc. Global community is exactly as it sounds; working together to support the world as one singular entity.

Industrial-era education systems have a longstanding and rich history of community participation, from fundaising to coaching and volunteer work. Meta-education system thinking involves a much deeper degree of community paticipation. Our new world requires that education systems become integrated with virtually every aspect of community life, both locally and globally; with inter-generational mutual learning promoted as a valuable resource for sustainable growth.

Every local community is unique. What we share in common globally is the need to work together with a mutual understanding that what happens locally affects all other communities globally. What arises through a meta-education view of community is learning opportunities based upon a common cause - earth sustainability. Acting locally to connect globally through meta-education system thinking empowers the paticipation and commitment of everyone.

“And I now believe that one of the essential elements in escape from an infinitely greater threat is the willingness to use – each one of us – what we know now, always acknowledging that what we know is not enough.” Margaret Mead, Culture and Commitment, p. 23

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