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Theme 3: School Systems Will Become Increasingly Ineffective

It's not right to expect industrial-era education systems structures to meet the needs of a sustainable world. They were never designed, no intended, to do that.

Theme 3: School Systems Will Become Increasingly Ineffective

Systems work, until they don’t, for a variety of complex reasons. It can be difficult to watch as our school systems try to maintain balance in our new world order because it is a no-win proposition.

There is an important distinction to be made here. When considering education system effectiveness vs ineffectiveness, meta system thinking does not relate to the specific personal or professional capacity of people associated with those systems. In fact, it is extraordinary to consider the degree to which efforts are undertaken by people to try to align their involvement with school systems that can offer little in return; be it strategic vision, relevant professional support, timely and appropriate personalized service - all because the assumptions made to affect improvement are developed from a micro view of existing system structures.

Education is currently perceived as schooling. System structures are maintained by people that are knowledgeable and familiar with schooling. It is generational. Everyone has "gone to school" at some point of their lives. Teachers from previous generations pass the torch to their children and grandchildren. Media glorification of school, as we have known it for hundreds of years, maintains perpetual and unchallenged imagery of happiness and success.

Political action requires socially accepted alternatives which are not currently seen to exist. Children’s day-to-day lives do not resemble what happens at school. Our industrial-era education systems are stuck because they were never intended to meet the needs of our new world. They will become increasingly ineffective as the change and impact of change we are now living with increases exponentially in speed and magnitude.

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