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The Eight Themes

These interconnected themes provide a platform for the shift from micro to meta-education system thinking. Each theme is a work in progress, with connections to other information, including interviews with people that have valuable perspectives to share.   

Theme 1: We Are in a Unique Period of Planetary Change

Never before has human existence on earth required us to see the planet as one interconnected system. Recognizing this fact is at the forefront of meta-education thinking.

Theme 2: Learning vs Education vs Schooling

Learning is a natural state. Education is a system structure. Schooling is the industrial-era education system structure we are most familiar with. Meta-education system thinking promotes learning as a natural state.

Theme 3: School Systems Will Become Increasingly Ineffective

It's not right to expect industrial-era education systems structures to meet the needs of a sustainable world. They were never designed, no intended, to do that.

Theme 4: A New Relational Contract Between Children and Adults

Industrial-era education systems are founded upon structure, authority and compliance. We need education systems that help adults and children to learn together.

Theme 5: A New Moral Focus

Education systems need to promote a deep shift in moral values; an inner attunement with the world as a singular entity.

Theme 6: Participation and Commitment from Everyone

Education systems can integrate with local commmunities in a way that supports the abilities and interests of all people.

Theme 7: The Economy of Education

It is natural to want the best for ourselves and our children. Meta-education system thinking can connect the need for a sustainable world with the livlihood and interests of all people.

Theme 8: A Process - Guided by the Right Questions

Education systems need to shift from linear to open ended processes - guided by inquiry.

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