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Prompting an Education Renaissance for a Sustainable World

The Challenge:

Our industrial-era education systems were never intended to do what we need them to do now.  

The Opportunity:

Shifting from micro to meta-education system thinking can prompt a new  education renaissance for a sustainable world.

These are remarkable times. The world is changing. The world has changed. We are immersed in something larger than ourselves and asking, with wonderment, “is this actually happening?” or “is this real?” Humans have never lived through this before. Our future relies on living and learning together as one global system.

More and more people are now recognizing that the need for educational system change is both logical and irrefutable. But we need to start first with a new conversation; not about how to change our education systems, but about what education systems are.

This is a big challenge because the way we think about education systems is very entrenched. We continue to think about educational system change based upon current system structures that were introduced for the industial-era. This is called micro-education system thinking.

We need to think now about educational systems based upon global sustainability; the world as one large interconnected system. This is called meta-education system thinking. 

When the structured organization of schools, classrooms, and subject areas were first introduced many generations ago, an education renaissance happened. That's because many people had access to education systems that never before existed. But it was a renaissance for that time.

Now we are at the forefront of a new era that needs us to think differently about education in relation to the global challenges before us; to maximize the global development of human capacity.

If we can shift from micro to meta-education system thinking, we can prompt a new education renaissance for a changing world. Imagine what an incredible thing that would be! That's what Edushift is about - shifting from micro to meta-education system thinking to prompt a new education renaissance for a sustainable world.

Edushift is for everyone; students, parents, grandparents, educators, community and business leaders; anyone who wants to help. 

On this site you’ll find a variety of resources that can help to clarify the concepts at play. If you'd like to become more involved and join the Edushift movement, we would love to have you aboard. There is something for everyone who wants to participate.

Let's work together to prompt an education renaissance! 

Phil Dawes

Edushift Founder and Network Lead

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